• What regulations are in place for the industry?

    The natural gas industry in NSW is one of the most highly regulated industries in Australia. Over the past few years, both the NSW and Commonwealth Governments have put in place a range of measures designed to build on the already extensive regulation. A number of State and Commonwealth agencies oversee the industry, as well as the Commonwealth Independent Expert Scientific Committee.

  • What approvals do you require?

    Approvals are required from the relevant New South Wales State Government agencies. In many cases, separate approval is also required from the Commonwealth Government, and can involve assessment by an independent expert scientific committee.  If approval is granted, it will include numerous conditions of consent.

    The Narrabri Gas Project will require both NSW and Commonwealth Government approval.

    All coal seam gas activities must have an Environmental Protection Licence (EPL) in place, in addition to any environmental approvals that must be obtained. Just as with other industries, EPLs include numerous conditions relating to ongoing environmental protection and oversight of the operation. The Environment Protection Authority is responsible for regulating EPLs.

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