Complaints Register

Register of Complaints received from commencement of Narrabri Gas Project SSD 6456 in February 2023

Complaints registered for period September 2020 to 15 November 2023 is 1

Date Received
Nature of Complaint
Action Taken
26 April 2021
Santos received by email
Narrabri Gas Project, Environment Protection Licence (EPL) 20350 area
Complaint that a copy of the EPL 20350 for which a variation was approved by the Environment Protection Authority on 11 April 2021 was not available on the Narrabri Gas Project website.
Complainant requested matter be recorded as a formal complaint.
Document was uploaded and available on the Narrabri Gas Project website on 5 May 2021.
Complainant and regulator/s were advised matter had been resolved.
Matter recorded in the Complaints Register.

Incidents and Non-Compliances

Incidents and Non-Compliances registered from February 2023 – Nil