Natural gas

  • What is natural gas?

    Natural gas is a fuel that is made up mainly of methane.  It is found in several different types of rocks including sandstone and in coal seams like those found in the Narrabri Project area.

    Natural gas is used to generate electricity in our homes and industries, as well as, for cooking and heating. It is an essential fuel in various industrial processes, including making bricks, glass, steel, plastics, paint, fabrics, fertilisers and many other products. Compressed natural gas can also be used to power vehicles such as many of Australia’s bus fleets.

  • What is coal seam gas?

    Coal seam gas is simply natural gas that comes from coal seams.

  • How is natural gas extracted?

    Natural gas and water are held in the coal seam by pressure. To extract the natural gas, a well is drilled into the coal seam.  The water is extracted, releasing the pressure within the coal seam, allowing the gas to flow up through the well to the surface.

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