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Item 1: Meeting 11  October 2015  Agenda

Item 2: 2015 October  Santos Monthly Activities Update

Item 3: Leewood Phase 1 Audit – Presentation

Leewood Phase 1 Audit – Report

Item 4: Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal Review – Landholder compensation for gas exploration and production.

Terms of Reference

Issues Paper

Draft Report

Transcript from Narrabri Public Hearing

Item 5: Information on the Gas Industry Social & Environmental Research Alliance (GISERA) Click here to access

Item 6: The Division of Resources and Energy (DRE) has released a draft guideline as part of the NSW Gas Plan implementation – Exploration Code of Practice: Community Consultation. Submissions must be received before 5pm, 30 November 2015 to be considered in the finalisation of the draft Code. Click here to access a copy of the draft guideline and more information

Item 7: Factsheet referred to in Narrabri Gas Project CCC Meeting #11: DPI Factsheet: Water requirements for sheep and cattle Click here to access