Jeremy Gett is a fourth generation Narrabri farmer whose family have lived in the district for more than 100 years.

He and his family have had natural gas wells on their land for several years and Jeremy firmly believes coal seam gas extraction and agriculture can work side by side.

He says “If I thought oil and gas could harm my farm in any way long term, it wouldn’t be happening on my place.”

Jeremy also works for Santos and sees firsthand how the company operates, “Santos definitely strive very hard to prove that they can and are doing the right thing…it’s extra vigilance every day to make sure we do it right.”

He says it’s jobs like those Santos offer that will help train and support the future generations and encourage teenagers, like his children, to stay in the local area.

“My children are lucky enough to have a rural background and a family farm, to support them if they decide to choose that path, other young people have no option but to leave the area to pursue a career or even to find a labouring job.

“We need diverse industries like the energy industry that provide employment and other opportunities for the next generation.

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