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  1. Communique #19
  2. June 2017  Narrabri Gas Project CCC  Meeting Summary
  3. Santos Monthly Activity Update – June 2017
  4. Final Narrabri CCC EPA Newsletter June 2017 and also available from
  5. Link to the CSIRO Fact Sheet – What does science tell us about fugitive methane emissions from unconventional gas? published in May 2017 and available from the CSIRO website at
  6. Link to CSIRO Report – Walton, A., McCrea, R., Taylor, B., and Jeanneret, T. (2017). Understanding local community expectations and perceptions of the CSG sector. Social baseline assessment: Narrabri project. CSIRO report. CSIRO Australia available from the GISERA website at
  7. Link to DPE Media Release “Community View on Narrabri Gas Project to be addressed”
  8. DPI Water presentation Water Monitoring Strategy for Coal Basins in NSW – Gunnedah Basin
  9. DPI Water document Water Monitoring Strategy for Coal Basins in NSW – Methodology for Monitoring Point Selection
  10. Link to DPI Water real-time water data