Petroleum exploration and appraisal is development without consent and requires assessment and approval under Part 5 of the EP&A Act. REFs are prepared for these activities to address the Part 5 assessment requirements.



PAL 2 Operations Water Management Plan

Maules Creek Core Hole


PAL 2 Supplementary REF Bibblewindi Shield Laterals

PAL 2 Bibblewindi West Lateral Pilot Gas Water Gathering System

PAL 2 Bibblewindi West Lateral Production Pilot


Bibblewindi Pond 3 Temporary Lifted Water Management

Leewood – Produced Water and Brine Management Ponds

Kiandool 1 Core Hole

Kiandool 1 Core Hole Supplementary Information


Dewhurst 22-25 Pilot Wells

Dewhurst 22-25 Pilot Wells Additional Information

Dewhurst 26-29

Dewhurst 26-29 Additional Information


Leewood Produced Water Treatment and Beneficial Reuse Project

Gunnedah and Upper Hunter area

Santos conducted exploration activities within its tenures around the Gunnedah and Upper Hunter areas. The relevant REF documents are set out below.


PEL 452 Core Hole


PEL 1 Core Hole

PEL 12 Core Hole

PEL 450 Core Hole

PEL 456 Core Hole


Longlea 1 Pump Test Supplementary Management Plan

Blackville 1 Supplementary Management Plan

Coulson 1 Supplementary Management Plan

Rouchel Rouchel 1 Supplementary Management Plan

Warah1 Supplementary Management Plan


Collygra 1 Chip Hole

Cuan 1 Core Hole

Kahlua Pilot Test Single Well Pilot

Kahlua Shallow Aquifer Monitoring Bore

Turill 1 Core Hole

Gananny 1 Supplementary Management Plan


Brawboy Vertical Seismic Profile

Georges Island Glasserton Appendix A Glasserton Goundwater Impact Study

Georges Island Glasserton Appendix B Glasserton Ecological Assessment

Georges Island Glasserton Appendix C Noise Emissions Report

Georges Island Glasserton Appendix D Cultural Heritage

Georges Island Glasserton Appendix E Glasserton Pilot Well Designs

Georges Island Glasserton Appendix F Environmental Management Plan

Goran South 1 Core Hole

Sicamous 1 Chip Hole

Wando 1 Chip Hole