This week, the Prime Minister stressed the important role the Narrabri Gas Project can play in Australia’s energy market.

Government-commissioned reports by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and the Australian Energy Market Operator, both found that the shortfall of gas in the east coast domestic market will be around three times greater than previously indicated.

In responding to the reports, Prime Minister Turnbull said, “We strongly encourage the NSW Government to approve the development of the Narrabri Gas Project which will add over 58Pj of gas per year. The sooner that is brought on line the better. That is critical to the energy security of Australia, the energy security of this state NSW, which I might say imports 95% of its gas it uses.”

Both the Federal and State members for the Narrabri area echoed Mr Turnbull’s support for the project’s development.

Member for Parkes, Mark Coulton, highlighted to link between the project and the job security of the many thousands of workers whose jobs are dependent on a reliable source of natural gas, “I think this needs to go ahead as fast as possible ….  If projects like Narrabri don’t go ahead, there will be massive job losses in Western Sydney and I think that maybe people need to realise that we are reliant on energy.”

Kevin Humphries, NSW State Member for Barwon said, “The gas project in Narrabri is a jewel in the crown for North West NSW, it is a big game changer for rural NSW and it’s indeed the main contributor, the next big thing that could help solve the power issues for eastern Australia.”