Naparoo wheat crop at our Tintsfield pilot wells on farm land Near Narrabri

Naparoo wheat crop at our Tintsfield pilot wells on farm land Near Narrabri

Droughtmaster cattle born and bred on a Santos property in Queensland have been entered into the Royal Queensland Show for judging.

The steers were selected from Santos’ 5000 strong herd of cattle that graze alongside natural gas infrastructure on properties north of Roma.

The cattle are also fed on forage irrigated with treated water from coal seams which is produced during natural gas extraction.

Santos General Manager of East Coast Gas Peter Mitchley, said this is yet another example of the natural gas industry successfully co-existing with agriculture.

“It’s great to be able to produce high quality cattle on the same properties as natural gas activity and also to use water from coal seams beneficially to grow forage to feed them,” Mr Mitchley said.

“Santos has been working side by side with landholders across the country for more than 60 years and we are extremely proud of the lasting partnerships we have formed along the way.

“Santos has been working with landholders in the Narrabri area for many years. We have some pilot wells on a farm called Tintsfield which this year has produced a very impressive Naparoo wheat crop.

“We work closely with landholders to ensure are comfortable with the work that we do and can continue to productively farm their land. We also ensure those farmers who chose to work with us receive generous financial benefits.

“Importantly, Santos has made it very clear that we will only drill wells on private land where the landholder is happy to host our work.  If a landholder doesn’t want us to drill wells on their land, we will not go there. The Agreed Principles of Land Access, which publicly reiterates this commitment has been signed with AGL, NSW Farmers, the NSW Irrigators Council, Cotton Australia, the Country Women’s Association of NSW and Dairy Connect.

“The Narrabri Gas Project area includes both State-owned land and private land mostly in and around the Pilliga and these are the landholders Santos will be seeking to work with as the project moves forward.”