President of the Narrabri Chamber of Commerce, Russell Stewart, has spoken in the Northern Daily Leader about local support for the Narrabri Gas Project.

Mr Stewart told the Leader that “despite what some say, the vast majority of the wider community of the Narrabri Shire supports Santos’ Narrabri Gas Project.”

“Santos Narrabri, and its staff, who mostly reside in the Narrabri shire, have established themselves as outstanding corporate citizens and very important members of the wider community of the Narrabri Shire.”

Mr Stewart said the Chamber had done its research on CSG and believed the Narrabri Gas Project can co-exist with the region’s agricultural industry, while diversifying its economy.

“We have taken the well-considered and credible report of the Chief Scientist, who assures all that the coal seam gas industry and the agricultural industry can coexist, as correct.”

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