A story printed in the Newcastle Herald on 6 January 2015 “Veil on waste disposal” implies secrecy and the improper handling of waste from Santos’ Narrabri Gas Project.

Like any responsible company, Santos adheres to the strict conditions that apply to the disposal of waste from its operations. Compliance is monitored and enforced by the NSW Environment Protection Agency.

The waste from Santos’ Narrabri operations referred to in the article, was tested on site and classified according to EPA guidelines by an accredited contractor.

This classification of the waste determines the appropriate handling and safe disposal procedures.

This waste was sent to Summerhill Waste Management Centre, which is an EPA licensed facility that is properly authorised to accept and handle the waste.

We don’t agree that the waste was contaminated; the waste was correctly assessed, classified and properly dealt with in accordance with its classification. There was no deviation or unexpected content in the waste which could enable it to be considered contaminated.

The waste in question was largely generated from the comprehensive $17 million rehabilitation program of sites in and around the Pilliga. Santos has now completed this rehabilitation work.

Santos is committed to developing much needed energy resources for NSW in a safe and environmentally sustainable manner.

Peter Mitchley
General Manager Energy NSW Santos