Santos has submitted its Site Verification Certificate Application to the Department of Planning.

This application has confirmed the land within the Narrabri Gas Project area is not classified as Biophysical Strategic Agricultural Land (BSAL) under the criteria established by the NSW Government.

Existing government mapping of the state had not identified any BSAL in the Project area.

In accordance with Government guidelines Santos was required to carry out a BSAL verification assessment to confirm the Government mapping.

A technical and scientific assessment of the Project area was carried out. We conducted a thorough desktop review and analysed soil samples from 79 sites within the Project area. These results were compared with the detailed BSAL criteria established by the Government. The outcomes of this assessment categorically verified that BSAL is not present within the Project area.

This application is part of the initial regulatory assessment process for the Project.

Santos is finalising a comprehensive EIS for the Project which will be assessed by both the State and Commonwealth Governments.

To view view the report on the Department of Planning and Environment website click here: