In October 2014, Santos referred the Narrabri Gas Project to the Commonwealth Government as the next step in the assessment process for the Project.

Santos has now been advised by the Federal Environment Department that the Narrabri Gas Project will be assessed as a Controlled Action under the Commonwealth EPBC Act.

This is not unexpected. This is a necessary step to go through in order to gain approval for the project.

It is part of the stringent assessment process that will ensure the Narrabri Gas Project can go ahead in a safe and sustainable manner.

Santos will have to meet the criteria set by both State and Commonwealth Governments in order for the project to be approved.

There will be a single coordinated State/Commonwealth Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) known as an assessment bilateral agreement process.

Santos is committed to adopting the highest industry standards and using the best available science and technology at all stages of the Narrabri Gas Project.

For more information on the process visit:

CLICK HERE to read the “Referral of Proposed Action” document